Disruption in the World’s Longest Rail Tunnel: Closure Until 2024 Due to Derailment

The Gotthard Base Tunnel, a marvel of modern engineering, has been forced into an unexpected halt following a freight train derailment. This incident has prompted the closure of the world’s longest rail tunnel, as well as deepest, disrupting the vital link between Northern and Southern Europe. The tunnel, a 35-mile passage snaking through the Alps between Erstfeld and Bodio, Switzerland, has stood as a remarkable feat that required 17 years of dedicated effort to construct.

A recent incident involving an SBB Cargo train hauling 30 freight cars has led to this temporary shutdown. While the freight cars underwent successful inspections on the Swiss-Italian border at Chiasso, it was later discovered that one of the wheels had malfunctioned. The unfortunate outcome was the derailment of 16 freight cars within the Gotthard Base Tunnel itself.

Initial assessments by the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board indicate that a broken wheel was the culprit behind this derailment. Fragments of the wheel disc point to the train continuing its journey for several miles with this malfunction before the derailment occurred. The aftermath of the incident revealed a trail of destruction, as the derailed cars wreaked havoc on the tracks and scattered goods like wine and lemonade within the tunnel.

The repair task ahead is substantial, as Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) disclosed the extent of the damage. Approximately 8 kilometers of track and 20,000 concrete sleepers need replacement, with significant damage observed around the Faido cross-over. SBB estimates several months of work to replace the damaged components of the railway infrastructure. It is projected that both tunnel tubes will be operational for limited rail traffic by early 2024.

During the repair period, only one of the tunnel’s tubes will be in use, dedicated solely to freight traffic. Passenger trains will be redirected through an alternate route, adding an hour to two hours to travel times over the Alps. This detour will necessitate passengers to switch trains to complete their journey. The anticipation remains that this diversion will only be a temporary measure, with hopes that the Gotthard Base Tunnel will soon resume its essential role as a seamless conduit between Europe’s northern and southern regions.

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