Elon Musk Mocks Users Upset Over Block Feature Removal on X Platform

Elon Musk has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to mock users expressing dissatisfaction with the removal of the “block” feature on the platform. Musk shared his perspective on Sunday, admitting he was utilizing the feature while it was still available to ignore feedback from those advocating its retention.

Amid the controversy, Musk quipped, “Pretty fun blocking people who complain that blocking is going away. How does the medicine taste?”

The decision to remove the block feature prompted significant backlash, especially from prominent accounts. Actor James Woods voiced concerns that the absence of this tool could drive him to leave the platform, claiming it could lead to harassment without recourse.

Musk’s announcement regarding the feature’s removal came in response to a query from the “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” account about the utility of blocking versus muting. The mute function allows users to filter out posts from specific accounts, though the muted account can still view the muter’s content. On the other hand, a blocked account receives a notification when attempting to access the blocker’s content.

Musk stated that the block feature, except for direct messages, would be deleted as it “makes no sense.” This sparked a flood of responses from concerned users who believe blocking is an essential tool to prevent harassment and maintain healthy discussions on the platform.

Conservative commentator Buck Sexton emphasized the importance of the block feature, stating, “Blocking is one of the most important features on this site. Otherwise, it just turns into an echo chamber of harassment from the most vile idiots.” The conversation around the removal of this feature continues to spark debate within the X community.

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