Former Smash Mouth Lead Singer, Steve Harwell, Passes Away at 56

Steve Harwell, the renowned former lead singer of the rock band Smash Mouth, known for their iconic 1999 hit “All Star,” has sadly passed away at the age of 56. The news of his death, attributed to liver failure, was confirmed by the band’s manager, Robert Hayes.

Smash Mouth, founded in 1994 in San Jose, California, comprised Steve Harwell as the lead singer, Kevin Coleman on drums, Greg Camp on guitar, and Paul De Lisle on bass. The band gained initial recognition with their 1997 track “Walkin’ on the Sun,” featured on their debut album, “Fush Yu Mang.”

Harwell reflected on the impact of “Walkin’ on the Sun” in a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, emphasizing how it changed the music scene with its unique sound. He remarked that their music was so distinctive that imitating it was nearly impossible.

However, Smash Mouth’s greatest triumph came with their 1999 album “Astro Lounge,” featuring the chart-topping sensation “All Star.” The song, nominated for a Grammy Award, became a cultural phenomenon and appeared in several films. Notably, it gained renewed popularity when featured in the opening credits of the Academy Award-winning animated film “Shrek.”

The enduring appeal of “All Star” is evident in its close-to-a-billion streams on Spotify. Additionally, “Walkin’ on the Sun” and their cover of the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer,” featured in the “Shrek” soundtrack, have also accumulated hundreds of millions of streams.

In 2021, Steve Harwell left the band and retired from performing after a live show in upstate New York, where he appeared to be in poor health. Earlier that year, Harwell had taken a break from live performances due to heart problems, as reported by various news outlets.

While Smash Mouth has seen a rotating lineup over the years and hasn’t released a new studio album in approximately a decade, they have continued to release new singles, including “Underground Sun” this year, featuring a different lead singer.

Despite these changes, Smash Mouth’s enduring legacy remains closely tied to “All Star,” a fact Steve Harwell acknowledged in his 2019 interview. He emphasized that no other artist could have delivered the song the way he did, solidifying its place in music history.

FAQs Related to Steve Harwell Passes Away at 56

What were some of Smash Mouth’s biggest hits?

Smash Mouth is best known for hits like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star,” both of which enjoyed immense popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Why did Steve Harwell leave Smash Mouth in 2021?

Harwell’s departure was prompted by a combination of health issues, including heart problems, and an incident during a live performance in which he appeared to be in declining health.

Does Smash Mouth continue to perform without Steve Harwell?

Yes, Smash Mouth has continued to perform with a different lead singer, and they have released new singles in recent years.

What is the legacy of “All Star” by Smash Mouth?

“All Star” remains an iconic and enduring song, with a significant cultural impact. It has continued to be popular, particularly online, through various parodies and references.

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