Hunter Biden’s Defense Team’s Bold Move: Threatening President Biden’s Testimony


In a surprising turn of events, Hunter Biden’s legal defense team reportedly vowed to call President Biden to the stand as a fact witness if his son were to face criminal charges. This bold move by the defense attorney, Chris Clark, sent shockwaves through the legal and political spheres.

The strategy, outlined in a letter obtained by Politico, was aimed at creating a “constitutional crisis” due to the potential conflict between the President’s testimony and the actions of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

A High-Stakes Strategy Unveiled

News of this audacious legal strategy broke in October 2022 when reports emerged that the DOJ had gathered enough evidence to proceed with indicting Hunter Biden on firearm-related charges.

In response, Chris Clark, then representing Hunter Biden, penned a 32-page letter to prosecutors outlining the intention to have President Biden take the stand as a fact witness in his son’s defense. The goal was clear: to emphasize the potential implications of the President’s involvement in a criminal trial against his own DOJ.

The “Constitutional Crisis” Warning

The letter, addressed to prosecutors, argued that forcing President Biden to testify would create a “constitutional crisis.” Chris Clark expressed concerns over the spectacle of a sitting President taking the witness stand in a criminal trial. He contended that such an occurrence could lead to significant legal and political repercussions, possibly destabilizing the delicate balance between the executive and judicial branches of government.

Unraveling the Strategy

Fast forward to recent times, Hunter Biden’s legal landscape saw a shift. Chris Clark withdrew from the defense team, raising questions about the reasons behind this decision. Speculations emerged regarding whether the withdrawal was linked to the leak of the letter to Politico or other factors.

The withdrawal highlighted the potential of Chris Clark being called as a witness in the case – a situation that could pose conflicts of interest according to the Delaware Rule of Professional Conduct.

Implications and Uncertainties

The legal strategy’s ripple effects were evident in the rejection of a plea agreement by Judge Maryellen Noreika of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. The judge found the agreement to be “not standard” and raised concerns about its constitutionality. This development showcased the complexities and uncertainties surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal proceedings and their broader impact.


The revelation of Hunter Biden’s defense team’s daring strategy to call President Biden as a witness in a potential criminal case shed light on the intricate intersection of law and politics. While Chris Clark’s withdrawal from the defense team adds another layer of intrigue, the saga underscores the unpredictable nature of legal proceedings and their far-reaching implications on both legal and political fronts.

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