Indiana GOP Chair Kyle Hupfer Set to Depart

Kyle Hupfer, current chair of the Indiana GOP, is preparing to step down from his role, according to exclusive information obtained by POLITICO. Hupfer, a former general counsel of the Republican National Committee, is well-known for his dedication to the party. Although he recently ran for RNC co-chair without success, he has made a significant impact during his six and a half years leading the Indiana GOP.

Under Hupfer’s leadership, the party achieved remarkable successes, including capturing over 90 percent of county-elected offices across Indiana—a historic achievement. Additionally, a record-breaking 19 mayoral offices switched to Republican control. Hupfer’s efforts extended to fostering diversity within the party as well, with the establishment of the Indiana Republican Diversity Leadership Series, aimed at empowering Black and brown GOP leaders.

Hupfer’s departure coincides with speculation that he might join the gubernatorial campaign of former Indiana Secretary of Commerce, Brad Chambers. Chambers recently entered the 2024 GOP gubernatorial primary, which features a competitive lineup including Senator Mike Braun, Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Eric Doden, a prominent Fort Wayne developer, and former Attorney General Curtis Hill.

In a statement shared exclusively with POLITICO, Hupfer emphasized the strength of the Indiana Republican Party and expressed confidence in its future. He highlighted the importance of delivering meaningful results to earn the trust of the people, ensuring the continued success of Republicans in Indiana.

While Hupfer’s immediate plans remain undisclosed, his departure marks the end of a significant chapter in Indiana’s political landscape.

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