Israeli PM’s Health Crisis Amid Unrest Over Judicial Overhaul Plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent emergency heart procedure has added a dramatic twist to an already tumultuous situation in the country. While the 73-year-old leader is recovering in the hospital, Israel is grappling with mass protests and widespread opposition to the government’s contentious judicial overhaul plan, which is set for a critical parliamentary vote.

Health Update on Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s doctors reported a successful heart pacemaker implantation, and he is expected to be discharged soon. However, the hospitalization has disrupted his routine and led to the postponement of a crucial Cabinet meeting and the rescheduling of overseas trips.

Unrest and Mass Protests:

The country is witnessing an unprecedented wave of demonstrations for seven consecutive months. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets, and thousands have camped near the parliament building ahead of the upcoming vote.

Opposition to Judicial Overhaul Plan:

The government’s proposed judicial overhaul plan has sparked intense opposition, with critics fearing it could undermine the judiciary’s independence and erode the country’s democratic principles.

Contentious Parliamentary Debate:

Lawmakers have commenced a marathon debate over the proposed judicial overhaul despite the Prime Minister’s hospitalization. The overhaul aims to limit the Supreme Court’s oversight powers, but opponents argue that it would concentrate power and lead to arbitrary decisions.

Protests and Counter-Protests:

Protesters from diverse sections of Israeli society are united against the overhaul, viewing it as a power grab and an attempt to perpetuate controversial draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox men. In contrast, government supporters are rallying in favor of the plan.

Military Reservists’ Refusal:

The government’s moves have also led to growing numbers of military reservists refusing to serve under what they perceive as a path to dictatorship. Fears have arisen about the military’s preparedness being compromised due to these refusals.

Pressure on Netanyahu:

The Israeli leader faces pressure from both within the country and internationally. President Joe Biden has urged him to halt the judicial overhaul plan and seek a broad consensus.


As Prime Minister Netanyahu recovers from his heart procedure, Israel is witnessing a surge in unrest and opposition to the government’s judicial overhaul plan. With mass protests and parliamentary debates underway, the future of the proposed changes and their impact on the country’s democratic principles remain uncertain.

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