Legal Battle of British-Pakistani Journalist Saima Mohsin Against CNN – Unveiling Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal

British-Pakistani journalist Saima Mohsin has achieved the right to proceed with her lawsuit against Cable News Network (CNN) for alleged racial discrimination and unfair dismissal within the UK Employment Tribunal. Mohsin announced this development on X, previously known as Twitter, stating, “I won! I won the hearing against CNN.” Her case, which encompasses issues of unfair dismissal, disability, discrimination, and equal pay, will be heard in London.

Expressing gratitude for the support she received, Mohsin acknowledged how it had aided her in facing this challenge. The decision by Judge Klimov during a preliminary hearing held last month favored Mohsin, enabling her case to progress to a comprehensive tribunal at the London Central Employment Tribunal. The specific date for the full hearing is yet to be determined.

The genesis of Mohsin’s legal action stemmed from her allegations of racial discrimination and unfair dismissal against CNN. Her predicament originated when she sustained severe injuries during an assignment in Israel, leaving her disabled. The incident, which occurred in 2014 while she was reporting on the Israel-Palestine conflict from Jerusalem, resulted in substantial tissue damage when her cameraman accidentally ran over her foot with a car.

The aftermath of the accident significantly impacted her ability to perform basic functions like sitting, standing, and walking. Despite these challenges, she remained determined to continue her work, requesting a transition to a less physically demanding role within the news agency, along with support for her rehabilitation. However, her pleas were met with a refusal from CNN.

In her allegations, Mohsin claimed that she had also inquired about transitioning to a presenting role to reduce travel-related stress. However, she asserts that she was bluntly told, “‘You don’t have the look we are looking for’,” as reported by The Guardian.

Mohsin’s tenure at CNN concluded three years later when she was terminated. The impetus for her filing the employment tribunal claim was rooted in CNN’s lack of support following the life-altering injury she sustained.

Having dedicated herself to becoming an international correspondent and exhibiting dedication to her work at CNN, Mohsin expressed her sense of betrayal: “I worked hard to become an international correspondent and loved my job with CNN. I risked my life many times on assignment for CNN believing they would have my back. They did not.”

Alongside her accusations of racial and disability discrimination, Mohsin also claimed that she encountered a gender pay gap while working for the news agency. She further alleged that the management at CNN exhibited a preference for white American correspondents over her, even when she was prepared to deliver live reports from the field, which resulted in her receiving less on-air time.

This lawsuit underscores the broader challenges within the media industry related to diversity, equal treatment, and representation, highlighting the need for addressing systemic issues that can impact professionals across various backgrounds.

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