Legendary Voice of Mario Steps Down! What’s Next for the Iconic Character?

Charles Martinet, the beloved voice actor behind Mario and other Mushroom Kingdom characters for over 30 years, has announced his retirement from recording character voices for Nintendo. In his new role as a “Mario Ambassador,” Martinet will be globe-trotting to engage with fans and represent the gaming giant. Despite his absence in the upcoming Super Mario Bros.

Wonder game, Nintendo plans to celebrate his legacy and contributions. This article delves into Martinet’s iconic career, his impact on Nintendo’s games, and the exciting chapter that lies ahead for both him and the Mario franchise.


The gaming world is bidding farewell to an era as Charles Martinet, the iconic voice actor who brought life to Mario’s famous catchphrases, hangs up his voice recording boots. With a newfound title as a “Mario Ambassador,” Martinet’s departure from character voices marks the end of an era while opening doors to exciting opportunities.

A Legendary Career

Martinet’s journey began in 1991 when he joined Nintendo, and his first significant role as Mario took place in the groundbreaking Super Mario 64 in 1996. Through more than 150 Nintendo games, he lent his voice to Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, leaving an indelible mark on titles like Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Party. His joyful renditions of phrases like “Let’s-a go!,” “Mamma mia,” and “Wahoo!” became synonymous with the characters he portrayed.

The Mario Ambassador Role

Martinet’s retirement from character voices doesn’t mean he’s fading into the background. Instead, he’s embracing a brand-new role as a “Mario Ambassador.” In this capacity, he’ll continue to embody the spirit of Mario while engaging with fans around the world. Nintendo’s decision to honor his contributions and transition him into this role showcases his enduring importance to the franchise.

Looking Ahead

While fans won’t hear Martinet’s voice in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, the anticipation remains high. This new installment promises fresh experiences for players, even without Martinet’s vocal talents. Fans can look forward to celebrating his legacy and witnessing the future of the Mario universe unfold.


Charles Martinet’s departure from voicing Mario may mark the end of an era, but it also signifies the start of an exciting new chapter. As a “Mario Ambassador,” Martinet will continue to spread joy and engage with fans worldwide, ensuring that his legacy lives on. While his iconic voice will be missed, the Mario franchise remains as vibrant and promising as ever.

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