Matthew Broderick’s Childhood Adventures in NYC: Navigating Muggings in the Big Apple

In a candid revelation, the iconic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” star, Matthew Broderick, at the age of 61, has opened up about his childhood experiences with muggings while growing up in the bustling streets of New York City. Despite being no stranger to the city’s glitz and glamour, Broderick shared some unsettling encounters with muggers during his youth.

The actor disclosed that he was “mugged often” as a young boy in New York City, encountering such incidents in various neighborhoods, including the Village, Times Square, and the Upper West Side. He attributed these experiences to being “a young guy” at the time, explaining that he never had much money, yet he often found himself targeted by individuals looking for an opportunity.

Recollections of his early teenage years revealed incidents where he was accosted by other boys who sought to seize his lunch money or belongings. Broderick reminisced about a particularly alarming encounter in Central Park, where he and a friend were skateboarding, only to be confronted by a “massive gang” who robbed them, resorting to violence in the process.

Describing the subway as another challenging environment, Broderick shared instances where aggressive individuals would approach him, sitting close, asking intrusive questions, and making subtle threats in an attempt to extort his possessions. He described the sense of unease while waiting for the subway to emerge from the tunnel onto the platform.

Despite facing these harrowing experiences, Broderick revealed that he informed his parents only once or twice, as there were limited options for recourse back then. In those days, parental supervision was not as vigilant as it is today, with children often encouraged to explore the city and return home in time for dinner.

Matthew Broderick, now married to “S.ex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker since 1997, shares three children with his wife: son James Wilkie, aged 20, and 13-year-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha. His candid recollections offer a glimpse into the challenges he faced while navigating the vibrant yet sometimes perilous streets of New York City during his formative years.

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