Montana Country Club deck collapses: Injures Dozens

Patio Deck Collapse at Montana Country Club Injures Dozens:
A patio deck collapse at Briarwood country club in Billings, Montana, on Saturday night left dozens injured, though no fatalities have been reported. The incident occurred during an event at the private golf club, resulting in numerous injuries requiring medical attention.

The Incident and Video Footage:

The collapse of the patio deck occurred during a gathering at Briarwood country club in Billings. Video footage captured the aftermath, showing scattered debris on the ground beneath the collapsed outdoor deck.

Injuries and Emergency Response:

Twenty-five adults were transported to local hospitals, while eight others received treatment for injuries at the scene and were later released. Additionally, some individuals who sustained injuries chose not to seek medical treatment. The reported injuries included head injuries, broken bones, cuts, and scrapes. Thankfully, there were no critical injuries reported.

Briarwood Country Club:

Briarwood is a private golf club that hosts various events, including weddings and corporate gatherings, at its restaurant on the property.

Investigation and Circumstances:

Authorities have not yet provided details about the cause of the patio collapse or the events leading up to it. Further investigations will likely be conducted to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Response from Healthcare Organizations:

Billings Clinic treated a handful of people injured in the collapse. The healthcare organization was fully prepared to handle the situation, with trauma surgeons, emergency room physicians, and critical care staff on-site to assist the injured.


The patio deck collapse at Briarwood country club in Billings, Montana, resulted in numerous injuries and prompted a swift emergency response. Authorities will continue to investigate the incident to understand the factors contributing to the collapse.

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