PM Narendra Modi to Host G20 Leaders Individually at Pragati Maidan for a Weekend of Diplomacy

In a highly anticipated event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to welcome leaders from across the globe individually at the Pragati Maidan venue during the upcoming G20 Summit. The prestigious gathering will feature working lunches, bilateral meetings, and discussions on critical global issues.

Exclusive Insights from G20 Special Secretary

Muktesh Pardeshi, the special secretary overseeing G20 operations and logistics, shared exclusive details in an interview with NDTV. He revealed that the summit will host over 40 delegations led by presidents, prime ministers, and foreign ministers, along with international organizations represented by their secretary generals or executive directors.

With an estimated 150-200 people in each delegation, including security personnel, media representatives, and catering staff, the venue is expected to accommodate nearly 10,000 attendees over the weekend.

Host Nation’s Role

As the host nation, India has received numerous requests for bilateral meetings. PM Modi will also chair key sessions during the summit. The logistics for bilateral meetings, including one with US President Joe Biden, will be finalized based on dates and timings.

A World-Class Convention Center

Bharat Mandapam, a state-of-the-art convention center, will serve as the primary venue for the summit. It features a G20 Summit hall on the first level for main meetings and a viewing room for officials with live feeds. The grand gala dinner hosted by the President will take place in the multi-function hall, accompanied by a cultural program.

Over 20 meeting rooms have been designated for bilateral discussions, and arrangements are being made to accommodate various requests.

Digital Experience and UPI Showcase

To showcase India’s progress in the digital sector, digital experience zones are being set up at Bharat Mandapam. Leaders, delegates, ministers, and media personnel will have the opportunity to explore India’s achievements in digital public infrastructure, including Aadhaar, CoWIN, and the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

The Reserve Bank of India is establishing special zones where delegations can experience UPI without registration.

A Logistical Opportunity, Not a Nightmare

Addressing the logistical challenges of hosting the G20 Summit, Mr. Pardeshi reframed them as “logistical opportunities.” He emphasized that India is organizationally prepared to host mega events, even suggesting the Olympics in the future. Adequate parking space for special aircraft has been arranged at the Parliament technical area and Terminal 3.

A Message to Delhi Residents

In light of the summit’s impact on traffic and flights, Mr. Pardeshi advised Delhi residents to consider taking a long weekend and explore nearby mountain destinations during the three-day holiday from September 8th to 10th.

Hotel Accommodations and Dignitary Reception

India, as the facilitator, has blocked sufficient rooms for delegations, with the list shared with embassies. The specifics of receiving dignitaries, including US President Joe Biden, will adhere to established protocols, with high-ranking officials from the Ministry of External Affairs present.

The G20 Summit promises to be a momentous occasion for India, fostering diplomatic relations and showcasing the nation’s capabilities on the global stage.

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