Labour’s Vision for Strengthened UK Diplomacy in Brazil and India, Reveals David Lammy

UK Diplomacy in Brazil: Shadow Foreign Secretary Charts “Economic Foreign Policy” Course During Brazil Visit. In a bid to bolster trade relations with emerging economies such as Brazil and India, the prospective Labour government envisions a strategic approach to foreign affairs, as outlined by Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy.

During his extended stay in Brazil, Lammy articulated plans for a novel “economic diplomacy,” involving the deployment of dedicated “economic attaches” to invigorate trade ties with pivotal developing nations.

Enjoying a substantial 20-point lead in opinion polls over the ruling Conservative party, the Labour Party is rigorously refining its policy agenda, particularly in critical domains like the economy, trade, and foreign affairs, in anticipation of an impending UK election within the next 18 months.

On the inaugural day of his diplomatic tour, Lammy is set to confer with prominent figures in President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s administration, in a bid to communicate his party’s objectives and cultivate connections, thereby setting the stage for a prospective tenure as Britain’s foreign secretary, contingent on favorable poll outcomes.

Lammy expressed to POLITICO: “Labour is proactively cultivating relationships that will prove invaluable once we assume governance. This preparation ensures that if the British electorate elects a Labour government, we will be swift in reconnecting Britain for both domestic security and prosperity from day one.”

Should they attain office, Lammy envisions an audit of British diplomats worldwide and a reinforced presence of attachés in strategic locations like Brazil and India, designed to expedite trade growth.

Aligned with the Progressive Alliance international coalition of center-left and social democratic parties, Lula’s Workers’ Party mirrors Labour’s ideology. Lammy’s schedule includes discussions in Brasilia with Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira, Supreme Court Minister Alexandre de Moraes, Racial Equality Minister Anielle Franco, and other luminaries within the Lula administration.

The agenda encompasses deepened trade collaboration, joint efforts concerning critical minerals, and Labour’s endorsement of Brazil’s lasting membership in a restructured UN Security Council and the OECD.

Focus on Brazil

Lammy has criticized the Conservative party for neglecting Brazil, the world’s tenth-largest economy, over the past decade, with no sitting Prime Minister undertaking a formal visit to the nation. Notably, Brazil contributes a mere 0.5 percent to the UK’s international trade.

Post his Brasilia engagements, the shadow foreign secretary will venture into the Amazon rainforest in Pará, the host region for the forthcoming COP30 summit. Lammy has censured the Tory government for relinquishing Britain’s leadership role in climate action, citing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s absence from key environmental summits. In contrast, Labour commits to infusing a “green dimension” into its foreign policy strategy.

Lammy elaborated: “Amidst global challenges such as the climate crisis, technological advancements, and food and energy insecurities, the vitality of our partnerships with regional powerhouses will be pivotal to Britain’s triumphs. A revitalized UK-Brazil alliance holds the potential to augment trade, especially in crucial minerals essential for technology and the transition towards sustainability.”

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