Star Rating Policy for Coal and Lignite Mines

The last date for registration of coal and lignite mines under Star Rating programme has been extended by the Government.

India Extends Deadline for Star Rating Registration of Coal and Lignite Mines

In a move to enhance transparency and sustainability in the mining sector, the Indian government has implemented the Star Rating programme for coal and lignite mines. This innovative policy evaluates mines based on seven key parameters, including environmental impact, safety measures, and technological

advancements. To encourage greater participation and ensure accurate self-evaluation, the Ministry of Coal has recently extended the registration deadline until July 25, 2023.

The Star Rating Policy: A Step Towards Responsible Mining

The Star Rating programme, introduced by the Indian government, seeks to revolutionize the mining industry by assessing mines across multiple crucial aspects. By evaluating mining operations based on environmental and social considerations, economic performance, and worker safety, the policy aims to foster sustainable mining practices.

Extension of Registration Deadline

Originally set for registration by July 15, 2023, the government has decided to grant mining companies an additional ten-day window to register and conduct a self-evaluation for Star Rating. The extended deadline, now July 25, 2023, is an effort to ensure that all eligible mines have an opportunity to participate in the rating process.

Incentivizing Responsible Mining Practices

The Ministry of Coal believes that extending the registration period will encourage more mines to come forward and actively participate in the Star Rating initiative. By allowing additional time for self-evaluation, mining companies can accurately assess their practices, benchmark their performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Registration Process and Response

On May 30, 2023, the government issued a notification mandating the registration of all coal and lignite mines for the Star Rating evaluation, covering the financial year 2022-2023. The Star Rating portal became accessible for registration on June 1, 2023. Since then, there has been an encouraging response, with 377 mines already registered as of July 14, 2023.

The Seven Key Parameters of Star Rating Policy for Coal and Lignite Mines

The Star Rating programme evaluates mines on the following seven critical parameters are

  1. Mining Operations:
    • This parameter assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of mining activities, ensuring minimal waste generation and maximum resource extraction.
  2. Environment-related Parameters:
    • The environmental impact of mining activities is evaluated to encourage sustainable practices that minimize ecological harm.
  3. Adoption of Technologies:
    • Mines are rated based on their utilization of modern technologies to enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact.
  4. Best Mining Practices:
    • This parameter focuses on compliance with ethical and responsible mining practices, promoting fair labor standards and community engagement.
  5. Economic Performance:
    • Mines are evaluated on their financial performance and contribution to the national economy.
  6. Rehabilitation & Resettlement:
    • This factor assesses how well mining companies handle the rehabilitation and resettlement of affected communities.
  7. Worker-related Compliance and Safety & Security:
    • The safety and welfare of mine workers are given utmost importance, and mines are rated on their compliance with labor laws and safety regulations.


The Star Rating programme is a significant step towards fostering sustainable and responsible mining practices in India. By providing mines with a comprehensive evaluation based on multiple parameters, the government aims to drive positive change in the mining industry. The extension of the registration deadline until July 25, 2023, is expected to further encourage participation and lead to a more accurate self-assessment of mining operations. As more mines embrace this initiative, it is hoped that the Indian mining sector will move towards a greener, safer, and socially responsible future.

Aim of Star Rating Policy for Coal and Lignite Mines

  • Foster competitiveness among mines
  • Recognize their outstanding performance based on compliance of statutory provisions
  • Adoption of advanced mining technology & economic achievements.


The ratings awarded range from Five Star to NO Star, comprehensively evaluating each mine’s achievements.

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