Tele MANAS Madhya Pradesh – A Ray of Hope for Mental Health Support

In the past nine months since its launch on October 10 last year, Tele MANAS Madhya Pradesh has provided counselling and psychiatric consultations to an impressive number of 22,000 individuals. This online platform has proven to be a crucial lifeline for those seeking mental health assistance in the state. With dedicated cells in both Indore and Gwalior, the initiative has successfully addressed a range of psychological concerns, making a significant impact on the lives of people across different age groups.

About Tele Mental Health Assistance & Networking Across States (Tele-MANAS)

  • Tele-MANAS was launched in 2022 to provide free tele-mental health services all over the country round the clock, particularly catering to people in remote or under-served areas.
  • A toll-free, 24/7 helpline number (14416) has been set up in India allowing callers to select the language of choice for availing services.
  • There are 42 operational Tele MANAS cells in 31 States and Union Territories, the service is currently catering to over 1,300 calls per day in 20 languages.
  • Ministry: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Significance Tele MANAS service

  • This initiative acknowledges mental health issue in providing support while maintaining the anonymity of the callers, thereby reducing the stigma generally surrounding mental health issues.
  • It will make mental health services available free of cost to every household & every individual, targeting the most vulnerable & unreached sections of society.
  • The Tele MANAS service is being promoted via different media platforms, including print media, radio, & social media.
  • The service provides assistance via basic counselling and mental health services, and linkages to existing vital services and resources.

Indore Cell – A Beacon of Support

The Indore cell of Tele MANAS has emerged as a shining example of mental health support in the state. Led by a team of 15 dedicated counsellors and psychiatrists, the cell handles an average of 75 to 100 calls daily. The callers, spanning various age groups, reach out with a myriad of mental health issues, seeking a listening ear and expert guidance.

Common Concerns – From Sleep Problems to Career Confusion

Records reveal that the helpline has been receiving calls from individuals between the ages of 14 and 75 years. The majority of callers belong to the age group of 18 to 35 years, highlighting the challenges faced by young adults in today’s fast-paced world.

The most prevalent issues reported among the callers include sleep problems, mood-related challenges such as sadness and stress, anxiety, conflicts within relationships and families, sexual problems, and headaches. Amongst the younger demographic, problems like lack of self-confidence, low motivation, and confusion regarding career choices stand out as recurring themes.

Understanding the Root Causes – Unhealthy Lifestyles Take a Toll

According to Dr. Anubhuti Upadhyay, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Indore cell, the rising trend of psychological and emotional problems among youth and adolescents can often be traced back to unhealthy lifestyles. Late-night activities, excessive use of social media, physical inactivity, poor dietary choices, and the consumption of substances like alcohol and cannabis contribute significantly to these issues.

Conclusion of Tele MANAS Madhya Pradesh

A Promising Future for Mental Health Support
Tele MANAS Madhya Pradesh has emerged as a beacon of hope for those struggling with mental health concerns. The successful combination of professional counselling and psychiatric consultations has made a positive impact on thousands of lives across the state. By addressing prevalent issues and understanding the root causes, this initiative plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthier and more resilient society.

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