These schools will close for the total solar eclipse in Northeast Ohio

In certain districts of Northeast Ohio, an extraordinary experience awaits students and staff on April 8, 2024. This remarkable day will witness the Moon seamlessly positioning itself between the Earth and the Sun, resulting in a captivating solar eclipse that will grace parts of North America with its shadow.

At Rocky River City Schools, anticipation is building as this distinctive celestial event approaches. Interestingly, even before the commencement of the school year, students have a unique reason to be excited – a break from the conventional routine, thanks to this upcoming celestial spectacle.

When will the total solar eclipse occur in Northeast Ohio, and how is it affecting school schedules?

In a recent communication addressed to parents, the superintendent made an extraordinary announcement regarding a rare celestial occurrence. To accommodate the upcoming total solar eclipse, Spring Vacation will be extended by an additional day, offering students a unique opportunity to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The superintendent elaborated on the decision, highlighting that the eclipse is expected to cast its shadow over Rocky River at approximately 3 p.m., coinciding with the usual school dismissal time. Acknowledging concerns about potential traffic and congestion in the area due to the eclipse, numerous public safety organizations have advised schools not to hold classes on April 8.

This decision aims to support the smooth flow of activities and ensure everyone’s safety during this remarkable celestial phenomenon.

Numerous school districts positioned directly within the path of the total solar eclipse have also opted to cancel classes for that specific day.

During the preceding summer, pupils at Amherst Exempted Village Schools expressed their desire for a day off by composing nine letters addressed to the school board. Their request has been granted, aligning with their district’s calendar.

Among the districts implementing this decision are:

  1. Waterloo Local Schools
  2. Avon Lake City Schools
  3. Norwalk City Schools
  4. North Olmsted City Schools
  5. Buckeye Central School District
  6. Avon Local School District
  7. Parma City School District

As per the district calendar, Hillsdale will engage in a remote learning day on April 8, 2024.

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