UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Discusses Key Issues Ahead of G20 Summit in India

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murthy, have arrived in New Delhi for the G20 Summit. Upon landing, Prime Minister Sunak took to social media to express his commitment to addressing global challenges alongside world leaders. Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed him to India, setting the stage for productive discussions.

In a detailed conversation with news agency ANI, Prime Minister Sunak covered various aspects of the India-UK bilateral relationship, including sensitive issues such as Khalistani protests and the challenges faced by the Indian diaspora in the UK.

Expressing his respect and warm relationship with PM Modi, Prime Minister Sunak said, “I have enormous respect for Modi Ji, and he’s been personally very warm and kind to me. And we’re working very hard, as I said, on our shared ambition of concluding an ambitious and comprehensive trade deal between India and the UK, because both of us think that would be a good thing and both of us need to make sure it works for our two countries.”

Prime Minister Sunak also touched upon the UK-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the commitment to reaching a mutually beneficial deal. He emphasized that the FTA remains a priority for both nations, acknowledging the potential to strengthen the security relationship and enhance collaboration between researchers and scientific communities from both countries.

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Prime Minister Sunak refrained from prescribing India’s position but highlighted shared values of international rule of law, adherence to the UN Charter, and respect for territorial integrity as universal principles that India also upholds.

On the sensitive issue of Khalistan, Prime Minister Sunak made it clear that no form of extremism or violence is acceptable in the UK. He expressed his commitment to working closely with the Indian government to address Pro-Khalistan Extremism, stressing that it is a shared responsibility to root out violent extremism.

Speaking about his Hindu identity and connection with India, Prime Minister Sunak shared his personal sentiments, saying, “It is personally incredibly special for me to be back in India. It’s a country I love dearly, a country where my family are from.” He also discussed the importance of faith in his life and the role it plays in providing resilience and strength.

Prime Minister Sunak commended India’s G20 theme, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (One Family), and highlighted the significant presence of people of Indian origin in the UK, underscoring the strong connection between the two nations.

As Prime Minister Sunak joins world leaders at the G20 Summit, his insights and commitment to strengthening the India-UK relationship will likely contribute to productive discussions and collaborations on various global challenges.

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