Unveiling BRI’s Game-Changing ‘Hybrid Bank’ Concept for Unprecedented Customer Reach!

In a bid to expand its customer outreach, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has introduced a groundbreaking concept (BRI’s Game-Changing ‘Hybrid Bank’), termed the “hybrid bank”. This approach harmonizes the strengths of both direct physical services and digital innovation.

During a discussion at the BRI Park themed “Impact of Hybrid Bank Concept in Expanding Bank’s Reach” on Wednesday, July 26, Andrijanto, the Director of Network and Services at BRI, elucidated the company’s aspiration to reach communities in remote, underserved areas through a hybrid approach encompassing both digital and manual services.

Andrijanto emphasized that this strategic move aligns with BRI’s ambition to play a leading role in achieving the government’s target of 90% financial inclusion by 2024.

BRI has adopted multiple strategies, including bolstering its capacity planning, not only in terms of infrastructure but also by innovatively enhancing its digital features. Andrijanto emphasized that BRI is committed to staying attuned to customers’ needs and adapting its strategies accordingly, including anticipating the paths customers might take.

He underscored that BRI’s ongoing digital transformation is a continuous and extensive journey. The concept of a hybrid bank encompasses business process transformation, innovative business models, and network governance that blends digital capabilities, physical networks, and financial advisory services.

In terms of operationalizing the hybrid bank model, Andrijanto expressed his confidence in BRI’s ample resources. The bank currently boasts a branchless network through its BRILink agents, surpassing 660,000 agents throughout the country.

Concurrently, BRI is actively deploying digital and financial educators to rural areas, strengthening its services. These educators are tasked with teaching communities how to open accounts and conduct digital transactions. Moreover, they consistently educate customers on safeguarding their accounts from digital threats.

Within the realm of digital services, BRI takes pride in its super app, BRImo, a mobile banking solution. Currently, BRI has approximately 150 million account holders, of which around 78 million are cardholders, and nearly 28 million have accessed the BRImo super app.

Up until June 2023, BRImo has witnessed an impressive 1.3 billion transactions, marking an 89.6% year-on-year growth, with a transaction volume value of Rp1.895 trillion (a 76.2% YoY increase).

The confidence in the BRImo super app is also evident in its user base, which has reached 27.8 million, experiencing a 50.5% YoY growth.

Andrijanto further highlighted that BRI’s hybrid bank strategy was designed to cater to the diverse characteristics of Indonesia’s populace. Despite the undeniable trend towards digitalization, there remains a portion of customers who prefer the physical banking experience.

“In the implementation of the hybrid bank, BRI adopts the ‘phygital’ principle, which combines the strengths of direct physical services with digital offerings,” Andrijanto concluded.

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