Why Manipur Violence and President’s Rule are in news?

AAP MP Raghav Chadha Raises Concerns Over Manipur Violence and President’s Rule in Parliament.
The ongoing violence in Manipur has garnered attention in the Indian Parliament, with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha questioning the absence of President’s rule in the state.

He expressed his concerns, stating that political considerations should not hinder the implementation of necessary measures to address the situation. Chadha also criticized the Central government for allegedly violating Section 355 and 356 of the Constitution and demanded answers during the parliamentary session.

Chadha’s Questions on President’s Rule

Raghav Chadha raised pertinent questions on the reluctance to impose President’s rule in Manipur despite the escalating violence. He questioned whether the decisions were influenced by political considerations, especially given the presence of a BJP government in the state. He further inquired whether the same approach would be taken if Manipur was governed by a different political party.

Criticism of Central Government

The AAP MP accused the Central government of violating Section 355 and 356 of the Constitution, which deal with emergency provisions in times of external aggression or internal disturbances. He demanded accountability and explanations from the government regarding its handling of the situation in Manipur.

Demand for Prime Minister’s Intervention: Chadha emphasized that it was the responsibility of the government, and particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to address the violence in Manipur and ensure peace in the country.

He called for the government to actively participate in discussions about the Manipur issue during the parliamentary session.

Opposition’s Stand

Several MPs from different political parties, including both houses of Parliament, have submitted notices for an adjournment motion to discuss the Manipur violence. The Opposition has been insistent on having a debate on the matter, resulting in a standstill during the monsoon session’s initial days.

The Escalating Violence in Manipur

Manipur has been grappling with ethnic clashes between the tribal Kukis and the Meiteis, the majority community in the Imphal Valley, since May 3. The clashes intensified due to protests against a proposed reservation matrix change, which granted scheduled tribe (ST) status to the Meitei community. Over 50,000 people have been displaced amid the unrest.

Outrage Over Viral Video

The situation in Manipur was further aggravated when a disturbing video of women being disrobed and sexually assaulted by an armed mob surfaced online. The incident occurred on May 4 in B Phainom village, where three women were victimized, and two male members were murdered. The video led to widespread public outrage and intensified calls for justice.

Delayed Investigation

The Manipur police initiated a probe into the crime after the video went viral on social media, but the first arrest was made over two months later on July 20. Five men and a juvenile were apprehended in connection with the horrific incident.

Overall Conclusion: the situation in Manipur remains a matter of serious concern, and the demand for discussions in Parliament highlights the urgency of addressing the violence and ensuring the safety and well-being of affected communities. The Opposition’s stance and Raghav Chadha’s questions signal the need for transparency and accountability in handling such critical issues.

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